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Monday, March 21, 2011

History of Kalliat Thazhathveedu Family - Part 1

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Edakkad is a town between Thalassery and Kannur in north Kerala.
About three hundred years ago Rairu ejamanan was the most prominent Karanavar in Veluva family. Rairu ejamanan had two wives. He however had no children. His only sister, Kalyani amma was the wife of Palliath Kannan. They had two daughters. One of the daughters was married into a family in Chalad near Kannur. The second daughter was married to Kalliat Nambiar. In the year 1713 Kalyani amma and her husband Palliath Kannan were blessed with a boy child, who was named Kammaran. He grew up to become the  famous  Valluvakammaran .   The two women  mentioned   above  were the  sisters of Valluvakammaran.Rairu Nambiar in a fit of anger and disturbed state of mind murdered his trusted servant Sri Koman and was jailed by Kolathiri Rajah.
                     After Rairu Nambiar’s death Chandu Adhikari was the person who looked after all family matters .  Meanwhile due to a sudden fire  Chandu Adhikari  was  burnt to  death.  During  this time Kammaran was present there and was able to save Adhikari’s daughter Madhavi.As the entire house was destroyed in the fire, Kammaran took Madhavi to  Kalliat  and  entrusted her with  Kelu  Ejamanan. Kammaran thereafter joined the army of Kolathiri Rajah. He later became the commander in chief of Kolathiri. Over a period of time he got back the entire property of Velluva Tharwad from Rairu Nambiar.
               Kammaran set upa “Kalari” there and also a Shiva Temple. Kammaran later got involved in a major complication but was saved by the famous Sulthan of Mysore. Much later Kammaran took to Islam religion and became the follower of Hyder Ali.He was then known as Shiek Aayiz Khan. After the death of Hyder Ali his son Tippu Sulthan came to power Kammaran , however, fell out with Tippu Sulthan and joined the Britishers and became the Governor of Badannur. Lter he went to Kalliat and brought Madhavi to stay with him. After a long time he returned to Tellicherry with his wife. Madhavi passed away in 1784.They had no children. Kammaran was gifted 20 acres of land and a beautiful bungalow in Mazagoan, Mumbai. Kammaran also passed away in 1785.
           The place of origin of Velluva family was near Nadal Bridge in Edakkad. The Tharwad name was Chalil Velluva tharwad. The Tharwad had its own “kalari” and their own Gurukkal(martial arts teachers) This area came to be known as ”Velluva desam” This place was under the general control of Kolathiri Rajah. Chalad tharwad and Kalliat Tharwad originated from Velluva Tharwad.
          In these days Kolathiri’s kingdom extended from Korapuzha in the south to Kasargod in the north. When the fort of Valapattanam was attacked Kammaran was made the commander in chief of the Kolathiri forces. With a succession of victorious battles Kammaran became stronger and stronger. But some of his trusted followers trapped him when Hyder Ali the Sulthan of Mysore came to his rescue and thereafter he became a trusted lieutenant of Hyder Ali. But after the death of Hyder ali Kammaran fell out with Tippu sultan who succeeded Hyder Ali as the Sulthan of Mysore. Kammaran then joined hands with the Britishers and became very powerful and rich. He then reached Kalliat which was part of Velluva Tharwad.
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